Raw Intelligence

  • We use our network of intelligence gatherers with regional and cultural experience to collect brute information from our local sources on the ground and provide actionable intelligence according to our clients’ needs.

Reports, Analyses and Polling Surveys

  • We produce reports specifically tailored to our clients’ needs to ensure they can make informed decisions based on accurate information.
  • Our academic researchers and analysts pair their sectorial and regional expertise to provide geopolitical and economic analyses to provide our clients with a clear understanding on specific regions or topics.
  • Our regional, cultural and linguistic experts perform desk-based research of open-sourced intelligence to assist our clients in filtering through raw data.
  • We monitor developing economic and political situations to determine the challenges and the consequences on our clients’ regional or inter-regional needs.  
  • We offer influence and stakeholder mapping to ensure our clients make the right decision and collaborate with the appropriate individuals or groups.

Due Diligence

  • We offer risk analyses for clients considering potential business opportunities.
  • We conduct investigations to ascertain levels of corruption or risk in the practices of certain areas or partners our clients wish to collaborate with.
  • We gather intelligence to establish the profiles, the past and the character of individuals our clients may seek to engage with.

Market Analysis

  • We monitor the developments of the Middle East economy.
  • We offer in-depth understanding of the Middle East market size, supply and demand trends and sales models to assist our clients in finding areas of investment and growth markets.
  • We produce market analyses according to our clients’ demands so that their specific needs correspond to the needs of the economic market.

Business Intelligence

  • We gather information and transform it into actionable intelligence to assist our clients in overcoming the inherent difficulties of establishing a business in the Middle East or successfully developing their business into an inter-regional one.
  • We produce tailored reports for businesses outlining the investment opportunities and risks and the potential clients and collaborators according to their needs.
  • We offer guide our clients setting up businesses or targeting a new market related to the Middle East, by accompanying them throughout the process, including the business prerequisites, establishing the company and developing new growth opportunities.