Political and Strategic Intelligence Services

  • Political counsel on the Middle East
  • Use our extensive network in the region and in-depth understanding of the interconnections between the political, media and intelligence arenas to enable clients to effectively navigate and seize opportunities in the globalised world
  • Legislative monitoring
  • Assist in identifying appropriate advisors and staff to build internal capacity where appropriate as well as to build political and intelligence networks for our clients
  • Provide guidance and programmes to assist clients in developing their own networks and relationships with key decision-makers and their targets
  • Provide political, intelligence and media risk analysis in order to advise clients on how to seize opportunities presented by these risks to the benefit of their interests
  • Provide stakeholder mapping and insight about key players, their priorities, motivations and alliances with regards to specific objectives set out by our client in order to map out an appropriate strategy
  • Conduct polling surveys for governmental and non-governmental bodies
  • Key opinion leader outreach programmes.

Communication Services

  • Identify and target areas where opinions need to be better informed, and accordingly design tailored strategies to bring about this change
  • Profile building and capacity building by using our political contacts to expand the reach of leaders, helping to support and further our clients’ interests and achieve their wider political goals
  • Media relations
  • Content creation and moderation
  • Design media campaigns to generate interest in stories and create narratives which showcase our clients’ needs and interests
  • Compare sources and working on disinformation campaigns
  • Public diplomacy counsel – Develop policy platforms, create campaign slogans and establish brand identities
  • Collaborate with the world’s leading pollsters and focus-group experts to provide on-the-ground advice during both short and long-term electoral campaigns
  • Reform and restructure communication strategies and where necessary, train staff and help to build internal capacity to enable clients to compete in the regional and global media landscape
  • Advocacy
  • Key opinion leader outreach programme
  • Production of visual and written media content.
  • We provide professional, independent and experienced cultural advisors and in-depht reports for diplomatic missions in the MENA region.
  • Providing experienced and impartial cultural mediators for international organisations, businesses and immigration agencies.

Training courses

We provide bespoke training courses relating to all our expertise areas. In addition, we deliver tailored cultural insight, advisory and mediation sessions and language courses aimed at diplomatic or business missions.