We advise corporations, individuals and governments on complex communication, mediation and political issues – issues which are usually at the nexus of the political, intelligence, and media worlds. We leverage our experience and network in politics, diplomacy, the security field and media to devise tailored and innovative solutions and strategies to complex problems and to provide our clients with insightful counsel and effective solutions.

We offer advisory services in the fields of political and strategic intelligence as well as strategic communication and we devise and deliver bespoke training courses. Our services are supported by deep sectoral and regional knowledge and our rigorous analysis and innovative approach to the most complex problems results in clear and actionable solutions.

We provide our clients with open-source intelligence that enables them to adopt the right strategy in order to capitalise on opportunities and navigate complex risk environments in the region. We use our extensive network and unrivalled expertise of the region to guarantee reliable and discreet intelligence gathering that adds genuine insight and perspective to our findings. Moreover, our knowledge of the Middle East and its relations with the West, enables us to both understand our clients’ needs as well as the ability to inform them of how to translate these needs across both regions.

Finally, our priority is to guarantee a relation of trust and transparency with our clients, we therefore guarantee the anonymity of our consultants as this protects all parties being targeted in social media or the media, a perennial contemporary issue.

Our linguistic and cultural analysis experts are all certified and trained linguists and academics. Our services in this field cover all languages and dialects of the Middle East, reflecting the ethnically diverse nature of the region as well as the richness and complexities of the vast array of the region’s languages and dialects.

We also work with our sister-company, Derar Media, a media company based in Iraq, which has worked with major news networks around the world. Our team can provide any form of written or visual media content. We are unique in this field as we have people on the ground who can access any part of the region, including countries such as Iran, from which it is extremely challenging to obtain impartial and independent news facts. As such, we can guarantee the provision of timely and factual open-source intelligence and facts.