Our linguistic and cultural analysis department provides a variety of linguistic support services. We have a large network of highly qualified, experienced and multilingual linguists, who are based both in Europe and the United States of America as well as the Middle East. We can therefore provide national-based contractors if required by our clients. Furthermore, we provide specific combinations of languages at any time and in any location. We are specialised in providing linguists, interpreters, translators and cultural mediators in the following languages, English, French, Arabic, Kurdish (all dialects including Kurmanji, Sorani, Badini), Farsi, Turkish, Azeri, Armenian, Dari and Pashto. As part of our quality assurance for our clients, the professional linguists we provide and work with go through a rigorous recruitment process, they are all vetted and have security clearance.

Furthermore, in light of the increasing (or recent) cases of hostile states recruiting interpreters who work for Western institutions, we add an extra security layer to our linguists’ existing security clearances through our extensive network of contractors in the Middle East, who conduct security checks in countries other than the West.

Our services include:

Language analysis is commonly employed by government agencies seeking to establish accurate information on foreign nationals. We perform assessments of existing language analysis reports previously carried out by other expert(s). Our reports are checked against a number of criteria, such as the method used, transparency of the arguments, references, consistency of conclusions and the background and qualifications of the experts.

We use a number of packages covering communication issues, such how to effectively extract information from an interviewee to clearly identify truthful and misleading information. Our experts conduct two interviews, initial and substantive. Our experts use two unique techniques that no other language assessors or language analysis firms use. This adds an extra layer of accuracy to our reports and guarantees incontestable findings. Moreover, our experts are able to attend any session, where counter reports have been presented in order to give a wider perspective of concerned issues.

While an assessment of interpreting performance may be a common quality assurance practice, there are relatively few actors on the market that provide such services. Our experts that specialise in language and text analysis have designed a service for assessment of interpreting performance to provide feedback on the quality of an interpreting assessment. This can be of great interest for users of interpreting services in the security and legal context where a highly precise level of interpreting is required.

Fraud and presenting fake documents, including identification documents, are on the rise, which creates a slew of issues and concerns for businesses as well as official governmental bodies. Our experts provide verifications where IDVTs are incapable of doing so. At this stage, we only provide this service for documents issued in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Our expertise guarantees that our clients can have full confidence in their identity verification decisions.